Disconnected PubSub for serverless computing

Repost provides simple HTTP based Publish/Subscribe functionality to provide decoupled messaging for serverless systems. Repost is 100% API driven, making it simple to integrate into your existing app

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First Release


Repost v1.0 is now available. v1.0 provides the ability publish and subscribe to topics, and sends messages to your endpoints secured by JWTs

Repost is free to use. In future, there will be paid tiers enabling publishers to retry on message send failures, message acknowledgements, and recurring (cron) publishing. Simple fire and forget messaging will remain free. Sign up here

Why Repost?

What does it do for me?

Repost is designed to fit in alongside your serverless cloud functions (e.g. AWS lambda, Google Cloud Functions).

As your services become more complex, they will start to require to send messages to one another. You can directly call the address of another endpoint to send a message to it. But if that changes or you wish to notify more services of an event, you have to modify the publishing service as well as the receiver.